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Young Farmers/Promotion & Ed Committees

Promotion and Education

Interested in doing more to teach people about agriculture and the food system?
Do you feel that your neighbors don't understand your farm?
Are you looking for a way to reach out to children who have never seen a farm?

Check out our brochure and see what we are all about!


Then the Promotion & Education Committee might be for you!

The NYFB Promotion & Education Committee enlists volunteers from all over the state to educate the public, including adults and children, about agriculture at a variety of events and through many different projects.

The State Promotion & Education Committee consists of an elected representative from each of 11 regions, an elected chair (who also sits on the NYFB Board), and up to three appointed At-Large members. These individuals help to coordinate events in all of the counties in their region.

Most counties in the state also have their own Promotion & Education Committees, which develop and coordinate local educational activities. Contact your county Farm Bureau to find out how you can get involved.

Get the inside scoop on why each committee member feels that both Farm Bureau and the ProEd Committee are important to them and agriculture.


Consumer Articles

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Mother Nature -  Friend or Foe - Linda Fix, District 10 Representative
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Agriculture is 24/7/365 - Phyllis Couture


Series on Agricultural Careers by Judi Whittaker, Broome CFB

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Additional ProEd news

New York Farm Bureau Promotion & Education Business Session and Elections

Promotion and Education Activities for 2016

Promotion & Education Committee Approves Annual Program for 2017

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Promotion and Education Committee Update


My American Farm - Free online resource


I Love NY Agriculture Contest formerly the "Be Aware of NY Agriculture" contest

The  contest is held in many counties at the local level in cooperation with the elementary schools and then reaches the state level. This art contest is a great way to expose students to agriculture and the food system and to meet the New York State Learning Standards in the classroom. Students can learn more about where the food comes from and why it is important that they understand and appreciate agriculture in New York State. The contest is divided by grade level categories K-6th and statewide winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 honorable mentions) are selected for each grade level.

2016 Contest Winners


Please submit entries to:
Love NY Agriculture Contest
c/o NY Agriculture in the Classroom
Department of Horticulture
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

If you have any questions, please email or call 607-255-9253.


Feed the Hungry Project

The program is to educate third and fourth grade students  about agriculture, nutrition, the food system and the importance of helping the community. The students see the project through the beginning to end. They plant the seeds and then the seedling are planted on the farm. In the fall the students and their parents are invited back to the farm for the harvest and to donate the squash to the food bank. Then they cook the squash and learn how the squash is used.


For more information you can view the full brochure or visit the New York Farm Bureau Foundation website.



Marketbasket Survey 

Volunteers participate in this survey of food prices of 20 items at local grocery stores for the American Farm Bureau Federation's quarterly Marketbasket survey. For more information contact Sandie Prokop at 1-800-342-4143 to learn how you can volunteer. 


2017 Survey Information 

2016 Survey Information

2016 Spring & Fall Survey

Summer 2016 Survey

Thanksgiving 2016 Survey

Marketbasket Survey Comparisions From 2012 - 2017


This award is opened to all NY county Farm Bureaus for participation. By participating in this program your ideas are shared with your agricultural partners and it gives each county an opportunity to embark on a special project or re-create an existing project. Have fun and good luck! 

Award Information       Rules and Application         

 Keep “The Outstanding Promotion & Education Project Award” in Mind!


Pizza Project: Learning Materials

The State Promotion & Education Committee is pleased to announce that their latest project “Your Pizza Came From The Farm” is now available. Two resources available include the Project Outline, which includes four specific educational activities and support materials with specific information about all the pizza ingredients and connects them to its roots,which carries the idea of locally grown, prepared and eaten throughout the lesson.

This learning project can be used for any age student as the level of activity can be modified. If you have youngsters at home they might enjoy the project or the After School pizza project. Do you know of a class, youth group, after-school program or other club that might be interested? Just give them the website or


Scholarship Awards

Each year the ProEd Committee sponsors a scholarship for high school seniors. District winners receive $100 plus a gift and compete for the state-wide scholarships, offered in $1,500, $1,200 and $1,000 denominations. Scholarships are awarded at the ProEd Spring Conference the following spring.



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2016 Scholarship Finalists & Winners

2016 Scholarship Guidelines              2017 Scholarship Application