State Board of Directors

TWP_0660.jpg David Fisher


 TWP_0663.jpgEric Ooms
 Vice President


TWP_0639.jpg Richard Kimball
 District 1 Director



TWP_0607.jpg Pat McCormick
 District 2 Director


TWP_0637.jpg John Sorbello
 District 3 Director
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TWP_0601.jpg Lin Davidson
 District 4 Director
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TWP_0627.jpg Paul Fouts
 District 5 Director


TWP_0604.jpg Jacob Schieferstine
 District 6 Director

TWP_0649.jpg Tony LaPierre
 District 7 Director


TWP_0611.jpg Dean Casey
 District 8 Director


TWP_0665.jpg Darin Hickling
 District 9 Director


TWP_0671.jpg Christopher Kelder
 District 10 Director


TWP_0605.jpg Bob Nolan
 District 11 Director


TWP_0673.jpg Phyllis Couture
 Promotion & Education Chair


TWP_0599.jpg Kristen Brown
 Young Farmers and Ranchers Chair