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Best Pass

New York Farm Bureau, is pleased to offer a new member benefit, BestPass! BestPass provides the commercial motor carrier substantial savings in time and money (20 to 40%)! For additional details, please visit the or call toll-free 1-888-410-9696!


Farm Bureau works hard to keep its members informed. All members receive a monthly subscription to the award-winning Grassroots newspaper. Grassroots is available in print and online.

Retail Council of New York State

No one seems to carry cash these days. That means merchants like you need the ability to accept credit and debit cards in any situation. But taking plastic for payment also means taking on new processing fees. Wouldn't it be nice to have transparent billing, minimal fees and personalized service from your payment processor? That's where the Retail Council of New York State, NYFB's credit card processing program, can help.

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Members Only Publications

New York Farm Bureau members stay informed with all of the latest farming news, issues & member benefits, with NYFB members-only publications. NYFB keeps its members up-to-date by sending FB alert emails on important issues, bi-weekly FB news to your inbox and FB's monthly Grassroots newspaper.

FB Clothing

Show Your Farm Bureau Pride Anytime

Farm Bureau Proud clothing & promotional items with Farm Bureau Proud logo or yours. or 1-847-622-4892

Legal Referral Service

New York Farm Bureau offers a Legal Service and Referral Plan for New York Farm Bureau members.  The program is designed to provide assistance to members who have legal questions or concerns and are looking for attorneys who specialize in the area of law that matches their needs.  Members who hire an attorney through the Legal Service and Referral Plan are entitled to two hours of free consultation over the course of one year, and the attorneys offer Farm Bureau members a 15% discount off their fees. 

How to get a referral

Call the NYFB Legal Department at 1-800-342-4143. Have your NYFB membership number handy to start the conversation.

Your family is covered! As long as you are a New York Farm Bureau member in good standing, any family member qualified on your membership can call for a referral.

There is no cost for the referral program. Farm Bureau members are responsible for any attorney’s fees,  see Legal Affairs for more information.