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The Latest from Gov. Cuomo’s Daily Briefings on COVID-19*



  • Hospitalizations continue to drop, intubations down, three-day average of new hospitalizations now at lowest level ever.
  • In regard to testing, less than 1,000 people tested positive. Governor says 2% of tests are returning positive.
  • Deaths on 5/31: 54. 44 in hospitals, 10 in nursing homes.



  • Five regions in upstate have begun Phase II.
  • WNY expected to join them tomorrow. A final announcement on the matter will be held later today.
  • Capital Region moving to enter Phase II on Wednesday.
  • NYC opening June 8, but Gov. Cuomo questioned if that would be a smart move due to large gatherings over the weekend.



  • Governor worried mass gatherings of the several nights could exacerbate COVID-19 spread.
  • He commended state police on actions taken in upstate protests, mentioning only a few arrests made. Also thanked protesters for remaining peaceful.
  • Governor believes protests have been counterproductive to NYC, as the city is still balancing COVID-19 and violence reduces the credibility of the protest. He says we must articulate what we want done to actually change the system.
  • In response to concerns of an increase in COVID cases due to protests, Gov. Cuomo said recent low infection rates show not many people currently infected and celebrated the use of masks.


*Courtesy of Statewatch


  • Click here to see all four phases of projected industry reopening including the guidelines for non-food related agriculture. This website also has information on how to file a complaint to assist local authorities with enforcement of Executive Orders and restrictions on business operations and activities, as well as gatherings.
  • Click here for a tool that will help you determine whether or not your business is eligible to reopen.
  • Click here to view a Regional Monitoring Dashboard to see where each region stands.
  • Click here to see the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on New York Forward and the contact information for your regional control center.
  • Click here to see the list of members in each regional control room.


NYSDAM Provides Interim Guidance for Local Agricultural Demonstrations and Exhibitions

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has released interim guidance for local agricultural demonstrations and exhibitions. Phase 1 reopening does include local agricultural demonstrations and exhibitions. This document gives guidance on what demonstrations and exhibitions are permitted and what guidance needs to be followed. Click here to see this guidance.


Updated Interim Guidance for Farmers’ Markets

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has released an updated version of the Interim Guidance for the Operation of Farmers’ Markets. Horticulture has been deemed essential and cut flowers are now permitted to be sold at farmers’ markets. Click here to view the updated guidance that reflects this change.


Sign up to be Included in NYFB’s Farm Market Guide

The New York Farm Bureau Local Farm Market Guide is a resource to help connect consumers to NYFB members who direct market their products.This guide allows consumers to find local food and explore everything our diverse agricultural communities have to offer!


A listing in the Farm Market Guide is a free service for NYFB members and the Guide is available to the public on our webpage here.


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Farmworker Safety and Guidance

Farmworkers remain a vulnerable population for the COVID-19 coronavirus. There continues to be sporadic reports on farms both in and out of New York State of where the virus has spread.


Bloomberg News reported over the weekend, “In New Jersey, more than 50 workers had the virus at a farm in Gloucester County, adding to nearly 60 who fell ill in neighboring Salem County. The outbreaks underscore the latest pandemic threat to food supply: Farm workers are getting sick and spreading the illness just as the U.S. heads into the peak of the summer produce season. In all likelihood, the cases will keep climbing as more than half a million seasonal employees crowd onto buses to move among farms across the country and get housed together in cramped bunkhouse-style dormitories. The early outbreaks are already starting to draw comparisons to the infections that plunged the U.S. meat industry into crisis over the past few months. Analysts and experts are warning that thousands of farmworkers are vulnerable to contracting the disease.”


A reminder that The New York State Departments of Health, Labor and Agriculture and Markets released revised farm and farmworker guidance documents for COVID-19 prevention and response, in addition to a farm operator checklist to help maintain a healthy workforce. New York Farm Bureau has been working to obtain the release of these documents over the recent weeks.


Links to the documents in English are below, we expect to see similar versions in Spanish in the near future:


NYFB applauds participation in “Thank a Farmworker Day!”

NYFB appreciates every farmer and organization that took part in yesterday’s “Thank a Farmworker Day.” More than 22,000 people saw NYFB’s Facebook post, and we shared many of your posts on our Twitter feed. We know a lot of farms also did kind things for their employees, and we thank you for the effort to appreciate your essential workers, yesterday and all year long.





June is National Dairy Month

Today marks the beginning of June Dairy Month. At a time when the pandemic has created much hardship across all of agriculture, including the dairy industry, it is important to have positive news as well. We will be celebrating dairy farming on social media and other efforts. We encourage our dairy members to take the opportunity as well to share positive messages about dairy farming, animal care and environmental stewardship in order to highlight the great work happening on farms across the state. It is also important to share the benefits of including milk and dairy products as part of a healthy and nutritious balanced diet.






NY FarmNet is Open

Please keep these numbers and websites available to call or share should you, a family member or friends need someone to speak with in these uncertain times. Support is available at 1-800-547-3276 and


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-8255 (TALK),


Crisis Text Line Text

“GOT 5” to 741-741,



  • For previous NYFB COVID-19 alerts and the latest info, click here.
  • Click here for the latest information from New York State on COVID-19.
  • The CDC has created a website for the latest news on the virus.
  • COVID-19 Guidance from NYSDAM is available on its website. The department has also published a general resource guide for the agricultural community.