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  • September 8, 2022
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#18: Mental First Aid on the Farm

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#18: Mental First Aid on the Farm

New York Farm Bureau News Bytes

This week marks national suicide prevention month. It is an important reminder that all of us need to think about our mental health as much as our physical health as well as pay attention to the warning signs that our loved ones or friends may be struggling.

We begin today’s discussion with Jennifer Schwytzer, a family consultant with NY FarmNet who talks about a new grant from USDA that is helping FarmNet train others to recognize when someone may be struggling. We then talk with Tim Bigham and Todd Heyn, both NYFB county managers, taking part in the new FarmNet Mental Health First Aid Course.


NY FarmNet: https://www.nyfarmnet.org/ or call 1-800-547-3276.

The National Suicide and Crisis Hotline: https://988lifeline.org/ or call 9-8-8

American Farm Bureau Federation Farm State of Mind program: https://www.fb.org/land/fsom

New York Farm Bureau News Bytes

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