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New York Farm Bureau's Legal Library

The New York Farm Bureau Legal Affairs Department offers the following books on current laws to NYFB members and non-members:

Farmer's Guide to Labor & Employment Laws, 2nd Ed.

  • Learn major laws affecting agricultural employers
  • Discover new regulations regarding FMLA, COBRA, etc. for farms with 15 or more employees
  • Learn about your responsibilities to employees regarding safety and housing standards
  • $40 per copy for members and $75 per copy for non-members

Farmer's Guide to ICE and Immigration Law Enforcement Activities: An Employer's Rights and Responsibilities

  • An overview of the myriad of federal laws and regulations related to ICE and immigration laws, including your property rights
  • Common definitions such as “Probable Cause,” “Detention,” “Border  Search” and “Roving Patrol” and the general authority of ICE officers and their authority to conduct searches
  • Permissible conduct by an ICE/CBP Officer and what to do after an ICE/CBP raid
  • $20 per copy for members and $40 per copy for non-members


  • Learn how the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations affect you
  • Discover the vehicle equipment standards that apply to your vehicles
  • Learn the specific requirements of the vehicle equipment regulations in New York State
  • $40 per copy for members and $70 per copy for non-members

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