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Jessica Currie Joins the NYFB ProEd Committee - Sandie Prokop
Do You Let Your Cows Outside in the Spring and Summer? - Kelsey O'Shea
2019 Ag Promotion & Education Summit Speaker: Kim Bremmer
Nora Carnes Appointed to NYFB Promotion & Education Committee - Sandie Prokop
The 2019 Ag Promotion & Education Summit--An Opportunity for Everyone
Agriculture Month Kick-Off and Recognition of Bill Magee - Sandie Prokop
Where Does Your Food Come From? - Phyllis Couture
Hemp, Did You Know? - Karen Lohr
2019 Ag Promotion and Education Summit: Energizing the Ag Force: November 2-3, 2019
Jami Willard Welcomed to NYFB P&E Committee - Sandie Prokop
Ag Month Kick-Off Brunch Scheduled for March 1st, 2019 - Sandie Prokop
New Promotion and Education District 2 Committee Member: Bernadette Harwood - Sandie Prokop
Promotion and Education Committee Hosts Open Workshop at 2018 State Annual Meeting - Sandie Prokop
Agriculturalists are Eternal Optimists - Heather Prokop
2018 State Annual Meeting Highlights for Promotion & Education - Sandie Prokop
9/11 Day of Service - Karen Lohr
The First Greens of Spring - Deborah Teeter
Extreme Weather Impacts Agriculture - Eileen Jensen
Bringing Agriculture Back to the Classroom - Senator Fred Akshar
Mother Nature -  Friend or Foe - Linda Fix
The Beauty and the Beast Story of Home Gardening - Carol A. Isles
Agriculture is 24/7/365 - Phyllis Couture
The Sunny Side - Nancy Trzcinski
MCS Feed the Hungry Project Plants the Seeds - Sandra Prokop
Agriculture - The Universal Language - Linda Fix

Series on Agricultural Careers by Judi Whittaker, Broome CFB