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Young Farmers & Ranchers Competitive Events

Competitive events offer unique opportunities for Young Farmers & Ranchers (YF&R) members to learn about the New York Farm Bureau while earning recognition and prizes. These activities are a great way to learn, network and have fun. YF&R members may participate in these competitive events if they are 18-35 years of age (as of 1/31/21).

The Young Farmers & Ranchers Competitive Event applications are formatted as fillable PDFs.

If you need help using the fillable PDF application, please email

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the NYFB Young Farmers & Ranchers Competitive Events will be conducted virtually.

In order to plan these virtual contests, young farmers will need to register to receive the applications.

The registration form to receive an application is due September 11, 2020.

The Achievement Award

Are you striving to assemble the best agricultural enterprise you can? Are you working toward excellence in the areas of personal growth and leadership development?

This award highlights young Farm Bureau members’ efforts in production agriculture and leadership achievement. Participants are involved in production agriculture with a majority of their income subject to normal production risks. Competitors are judged on their farm operation and growth, the financial progress of their operation and their Farm Bureau and community leadership.

                         Achievement Award Eligibility and Scoring Information

The Discussion Meet

Do you enjoy discussing agriculture issues with fellow farmers? Do you like to express your ideas to help develop a solution?

This is an activity designed to build crucial skills in young, active farmers. By participating, Young Farmers and Ranchers members build basic discussion skills, develop a keen understanding of important agricultural issues and explore how groups can pool knowledge to reach consensus and solve problems. Farm Bureau's strength depends on its members’ abilities to analyze agricultural issues and deciding on solutions that best meet their needs. Annually, the NYFB YF&R Program also sponsors a Collegiate Discussion Meet contest.

Available contest information (links below):

The Excellence in Agriculture Award

This award spotlights young Farm Bureau members who are agricultural enthusiasts but have not earned a majority of their income from an owned production agriculture enterprise in any of the past three years, who are evaluated on their understanding of agricultural issues, leadership experiences and achievement.

                         Excellence in Agriculture Award Eligibility and Scoring




Competitive Event Prizes

The New York winners of each of these contests advance to the national level to compete in the American Farm Bureau Federation contests. The national winner of each of these competitions holds the coveted title of the best of the best. In addition, there is an impressive list of prizes that will be awarded. For the 2020 NYFB Achievement Award winner, Kubota Tractor Corporation provided up to 250 hours maximum free use of a M-Series Tractor. The loan period may not extend past December 15, 2021. Awards for 2020 will be announced soon.