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Farm Labor

An adequate, legal and reliable supply of workers is one of the most pressing issues facing farmers today. Agriculture is unique because the work is seasonal at planting and harvest times and agricultural products are highly perishable. New York's farmers are working with state and federal lawmakers to devise solutions to this problem.



DOL releases employer handbook - Member Exclusive



Western District Temporary Restraining Order - Member Exclusive

Overtime Calculation Worksheet for 40 Hours - Member Exclusive



Webinar: Overtime Tax Credit - Member Exclusive
NYFB and our partners at Farm Credit East hosted a webinar in October, 2023 about the overtime tax credit for qualifying hours below the 60-hour threshold.

Webinar: New York Farm Labor Union Organizing - Member Exclusive
NYFB member webinar to help navigate the legal issues and complexities surrounding the creation of unions on farms, how to prepare farm employers, and to further explain both the employer and employees’ rights.

Webinar:  Sexual Harassment Webinar Available - Member Exclusive
New York Farm Bureau partnered with Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development and Farm Credit East to bring an important webinar to members in November on the changes to sexual harassment law in New York.  If you missed the webinar, click here to access it in its entirety and find a PDF of the slides.

Webinar:  New Farm Labor Law - Member Exclusive

Webinar:  Beyond H-2A: Permanent Foreign Labor Options in Agriculture - Member Exclusive

Webinar:  Collective Bargaining Rights on Farms - Member Exclusive

Webinar:  Sexual Harassment Laws in NYS - Member Exclusive

Video:  OSHA Informational Video for Dairy Farms


Fact Sheets

Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act:  A Comprehensive Review (rev. 8/2022) - Member Exclusive

Preventing Sexual Harassment on Farms: Tools for Employers (rev. 9/2020) - Member Exclusive

Updated OSHA Guidelines for Reporting Workplace COVID-19 Illnesses - Member Exclusive

Resources for Farmers on Reopening After the "Pause" - Member Exclusive

2019 Year in Review:  HR Round-up - Member Exclusive

Talking Points for Farmers on Unions - Member Exclusive

New York Releases Guidance on the Farm Labor Law - Member Exclusive

New York Prohibits Salary History Inquiries and Expands Equal Pay Claims - Member Exclusive

Federal Emergency Paid Leave During COVID-19 Outbreak - Member Exclusive

Permanent Paid Sick Leave in NY - Member Exclusive

Unemployment Insurance in NY Under the CARES Act - Member Exclusive

Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act - Member Exclusive

Time Off to Vote - Member Exclusive

NY's Amended Human Rights Law: A Primer for New York Employers - Member Exclusive

2019 Farmworker Labor Law Changes - Member Exclusive

First Aid on the Farm - Member Exclusive

Migrant Farm Labor Housing:  Allowances, Deductions & Standards - Member Exclusive

Call-In Pay in New York:  Proposed Regulations - Member Exclusive

Worker Protection Standards for Agricultural Workers - Member Exclusive

Form I-9 - Member Exclusive

Minimum Wage in New York - Member Exclusive

Your CDL-Holding Truck Driver - Member Exclusive

Student Interns on the Farm - Member Exclusive

Labor Posting Requirements - Member Exclusive

Health Care Reform & Its Impact on Farm Employees - Member Exclusive

OSHA & NY Dairy Farms - Member Exclusive

Immigration & Customs Enforcement - Member Exclusive

Farm Labor--Compliance Tips - Member Exclusive

Child Labor Laws - Member Exclusive

Farmworker Housing - Member Exclusive

Paid Family Leave - (Updated: Dec. 2022) - Member Exclusive

H2A Workers and Affordable care Act - Member Exclusive

Farm Workforce Retention Tax Credit - Member Exclusive