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Legal Resources

NYFB's Legal Department provides a wealth of information to members and offers educational conferences and a library of publications delving into legal issues that affect farming.


Lewis Family Farm v. APA

Protect Your Brand or Trademarks - Member Exclusive


Webinar:  Ag Immigration Law Basics:  Immigration Enforcement at the Worksite - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Hiring Practices and Farm Security in New York - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Inherent Risk in New York - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Syngenta GMO Corn Lawsuits and Their Effect on Farmers- Member Exclusive

Corn Seed Settlement Program Website - Member Exclusive

Agricultural Groups Ask Governor Cuomo to Defend Farms in Lawsuit

Campaign Against Employee Misclassification - Member Exclusive

NY WARN Act Regulations - Member Exclusive

Ag and Markets Circular 916: Animal Cruelty Laws - Member Exclusive

When Peace Officers Come to Your Farm - Member Exclusive

New York Agriculture Producers Guide to FOIA and FOIL - Member Exclusive