Fuel Tax Exemption Resources

The following are links to information and forms that NYFB members find helpful.

Diesel Fuel

Form FT-1004--For exemption of state sales tax, the NYS Petroleum Business tax, and NYS Excise tax on farm diesel fuel at time of purchase.

If taxes are paid at time of purchase on qualified diesel fuel:

AU-630--Apply for a refund on the petroleum buisness tax paid at purchse of diesel fuel used directly and exclusively for agricultural production. Intructions for form AU-630.

FT-946/1046--Apply for a refund of the diesel fuel excise tax paid at purchase for diesel fuel. Instructions for form FT-946/1046.

Use AU-11 for sales tax refunds on diesel fuel.

Motor Fuel (Gasoline)

Form FT-420--For refunds of state sales tax, NYS Petroleum Business Tax and NYS Excise tax on farm motor fuel (gas) used in production. Instructions for form FT-420.