Property Tax Resources

Farmer's School Property Tax Credit

General Information--NYFB Fact Sheet
General Information--Tax and Finance Publication 51

Claiming the Credit
Individuals use form IT-217
Corporations use form CT-47
C-Corps also need to use additional form CT-47.1

Copies of these forms can be found at the Department of Tax and Finance website.

Agricultural Assessment & Real Property Tax Exemption

General Information--NYFB Fact Sheet: Agricultural Assessment

General Information--NYFB Fact Sheet: Real Property Tax

More information on the Agricultural Property Tax Program can be found on the Department of Taxation and Finance website. 

All forms for agricultural and farm assessment programs can be found on the Department of Taxation and Finance website

The Start Program

STAR: School Property Tax Exemptions--Information

Understanding Property Taxes

What to do when you disagree with your assessment?